LMS Teknoloji Konferansı 14 – 15 Mayıs 2013

Her sene Ar-Ge ve ürün geliştirme mühendis ve yöneticilerini biraraya getiren LMS Teknoloji Konferansı‘nda bu sene tam gün sürecek Taşıt Dinamiğinin Temelleri konulu eğitim gerçekleştirilecektir.

Ayrıca gürültü kaynağının tespitine yönelik, gerçek zamanlı ve üç boyutlu (3D) olarak çözüm üreten ve LMS tarafından geliştirilen SoundBrush cihazının teknik detayları , canlı demo gerçekleştirilerek katılımcılarla paylaşılacaktır.

Konferansımızda gürültü ve titreşim (NVH), 1D sistem modelleme, yapısal analizler konularında kullanıcı ve LMS uzmanlarının sunumları gerçekleştirilecektir.

Konferansa katılım ücretsiz olup, kayıt yaptırmak zorunludur.


Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics

LMS cordially invites you to join us for an informative and educational day covering the Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics, by using a marriage Physical and Virtual Prototyping techniques that fit efficiently within the constraints of modern product development processes.

This free seminar is designed for anyone interested in questions like:

– How can the handling of a newly designed vehicle be guaranteed to match a given target vehicle without compromising comfort or noise performance?
– How to calculate loads on the vehicle suspension components and the trimmed body in order to perform fatigue life predictions efficiently as well as accurately when prototypes are not yet available?
– How can active safety systems, such as ABS or ESP, be taken into account in the routine dynamic simulations with high accuracy?
– How can multibody simulation models be made for a vehicle in a modular way, assembling key subs-systems easily & reliably?
– What is the best practice for managing huge amounts of data arising from vehicle variants?
– How can the ride and handling simulation processes be standardized on a corporate level to capture invaluable engineering insight and experience in a knowledge-based environment?

Despite the increased focus on fuel efficiency and environmental issues, much of the attention from customers is focused on vehicle performance – acceleration, braking, cornering and ride. Today’s vehicle dynamics engineers are facing all of the above challenges while ensuring that safety and fuel economy targets are not hindered. The unique LMS testing, simulation and services portfolio helps vehicle dynamics engineers to address all these different challenges.

LMS Technical Experts will also provide concrete example applications with concrete customer cases and references.

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