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Fundamentals of Acoustics

Sound is all around us in our modern lives…and as more products are introduced in to our lives to make them easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable so too will more sound. As product manufacturers sound is an area of interest to us. Measuring sound accurately can help us: meet local/international standards, understand what our customers ‘like’ or ‘dislike’, prevent hearing damage to end users, provide a competitive advantage, and much more. But the first step in accurately measuring sound is to fully understand what it is, how to measure it, and the intricacies that make sound measurements more art than science.In this web seminar you will learn how to:
– Why is it important to measure sound?
– Basic Terminology Used in Acoustic Testing
– What is Sound Power, Sound Intensity, and Sound Pressure?
– Explanation of the A, B, C, and D weighting curves
– What are the different types of Sound Fields?
– How does sound propagate?
– Typical analysis techniques and instrumentation used

Who should attend
Anyone interested in learning the basics of Acoustic Testing

9 Eylül 2013 — 18:00
Flow Induced Noise Simulation

CFD runs today take a considerable long time to compute. LMS Virtual.Lab allows you to take advantage of the resulting CFD data by quickly obtaining Acoustic simulation results in both the near and/or far field. This technology is already used by LMS customers for simulating the flow induced noise caused by HVAC’s, Computer Fans, Separators, Rotating Blowers or noise radiated by an open sunroof, wing mirror or A-pillar. These kinds of examples will be discussed during the webseminar.
In this web seminar you will learn how to:
– Model flow-induced noise
– Find the root cause of flow-induced noise problems fast
– Improve the noise characteristics of your product and minimize design risk
– Engineers looking to take more advantage of the CFD simulations.
– Acoustic Engineers that are looking to flow induced noise problems.

5 Eylül 2013 — 18:00


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