LMS Web Seminerleri : 23-27 Haziran 2014


23-27 Haziran haftası gerçekleştirilecek olan ücretsiz LMS web seminerleri

Introduction to Human Body
Vibration – Hand-Arm and Whole Body

Human body vibration is a combination of hand-arm vibration and whole body vibration and is measured according to the various ISO2631 standards.

24 Haziran 2014
Multi-Attribute Vehicle Performance
Optimization: AMESim and modeFRONTIER interface

Multi-Objective Optimization enables engineers to quickly find optimum design performance and perform trade-off studies in order to satisfy all performance requirements of complex integrated systems.This webinar demonstrates how this optimization can be done using the state of the art software technologies provided by ESTECO (modeFRONTIER) and Siemens (AMESim) in an integrated approach.

26 Haziran 2014
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